Launch Your Fempire Academy


12 months of live and recorded business training with a whole-istic undercurrent running through the program around mindset, habits and patterns.

The Modules Include:

Goal Setting

Our expert(s) in Business Coaching guides you through all things Goal Setting and Goal Getting.

  • Goal Setting
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Calendering
  • Time Management
  • Habits
  • Strategies
  • Accountability
  • Benchmarking

Business Foundations & Finance:

Our Small Business Experts help you create a clear picture of your Business's mission, profitability & financial well-being.

  • Business Plans
  • Business Strategies
  • Finance Strategies
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Budgeting
  • Cash Flow tracking & management 

Organizational Effectiveness

We exercise our skills in time-management and examine exactly what level we are at currently and map our next steps forward. 

  • New Technology & Apps
  • New Tools
  • Time-management
  • Infrastructure
  • Systems
  • Processes
  • WorkFlows


Our Branding Expert(s) will guide you from building your brand basics to creating assets & collateral using DIY tools. 

  • Branding Audit
  • Color Theory
  • Logo Design
  • Canva Training
  • Collateral Creation
  • Creation of your business’s custom Branding Mood Board

Business Writing and Public Speaking

We explore the power of storytelling by learning to tell our story artfully and receive tips and tricks for writing compelling presentations and content with copywriting.

  • Identify fears and challenges with public speaking
  • 5 Key Elements of StoryMarketing
  • Storytelling Template
  • Mission Statement Development
  • Public Speaking practice
  • Build your custom Story Marketing

Social Media Strategy

Our Expert(s) guide you through the ever-changing world of Social Media and will introduce new tech to help you stay firmly in the Now of these spaces. 

  • Social Media Audit
  • Content Development
  • Platform Analytics
  • Reels & Short Form Video
  • Marketing Strategy
  • UGC (User Generated Content)


Our Marketing Expert(s) bring you fully up to date with all the latest marketing trends and tools. 

  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media 
  • Website Conversion

Content Creation

Our Experts cover all the ways and means to deliver content to get your business noticed. 

  • Evergreen Content
  • Copywriting
  • Video Creation
  • Delivery Techniques
  • Reels
  • Strategy

Launch Planning

Our Founder takes you to from idea to LAUNCH READY…covering Sales, Event Planning, and in-depth Launch mapping in this monster two-month segment. 

  • Launch Infrastructure Planning
  • Pre Launch Preparation
  • Launch Budgeting
  • Marketing your launch
  • Sales Training
  • Event Planning
  • Logistics
  • Planning Templates and Checklists
  • Master Launch Spreadsheet

Sister Supported Launchathon

The Culmination of all that you’ve learned in the Academy prepares you to go Public with a Sister Supported Launchathon! 

  • Commit to what is being Launched
  • Commit to Launch Date
  • Launch partner pairing
  • Wing-Woman Techniques
  • Laser Coaching through all the last details pre-launch)


This final month of the Academy will be a Victory Lap and an opportunity for your to uplift your fellow Academy Sisters.  It’s so easy, as entrepreneurs, to forgo celebrating our accomplishments and just keep grinding away.  However, the Launch Your Fempire Academy is leading the way in supporting women in creating a different way of doing business…one that doesn’t subscribe to grind culture and burnout as a rule but instead pauses to notice the progress and to congratulate ourselves and our fellow businesswomen for the accomplishments made so far.

Each month includes templates, accountability assignments, checklists & exercises

Monthly Book, App, Blog and Video resource recommendations

How It’s Delivered: 

Each month we will meet 3 times a month for two hours.

  • Week 1 Expert Training Session
  • Week 2 Expert Training Session
  • Week 3  Implementation with Trainer and Mastermind Breakouts with your Fellow Sisters
  • Week 4 Integration Week (No Class)  with the Option to Co-Work with your Other Sisters on our Zoom line 


*All of these sessions are recorded posted the same day so you can go back and watch when it works for you.

Monthly individual laser coaching session with the Founder or other LYF Coaches:

  • Accountability Partner/Pod with Structure
  • (2) - 3 Day Virtual or In Person Retreats 
  • 2 - 5 Hour VIP Days focused on Mindset shifting and Networking 
  • Group masterminds to focus specifically on your individual business
  • Group Hotseats and laser coaching
  • Co-working dates
  • Free ticket to the Annual LYF Women’s Conference 
  • Sisterhood, community, confidence, empowerment, opportunity and so much more!

 Our Community is Dedicated to

Celebrating the Diversity and Individuality of All Women

From all Walks of Life

All Ages

All Cultures

All that Connects Us



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Don't take our word for it...

“This week brings to a close the first month of the Launch Your Fempire Academy! Over a year ago, I registered an LLC in Hawaii and never took the next steps to start my business.  LYF Academy is already helping me to move forward.  Thanks to Aesha and the LYF team….I have measurable, meaningful, and exciting goals…I have an FEIN and a GE tax license…I have a business bank account…and I have and accountability partner!  The LYF Academy community of support is amazing! The Zoom classes are loaded with next level business content and exercise and coaching. Sharing space and time with the wonderful, brilliant women in the program is empowering! We will ALL do amazing and wonderful things in 2022!”

Ingrid Hillhouse

Owner, Ultra Health House, LLC

“LYF Academy has been incredibly life changing for me and my goal of opening my own business.  With this community, I not only learned practical skills that I can implement immediately, I also have the community of women who helped me gain the courage to put myself out there as a small business owner.  Due to [my membership in] LYF Academy, I have made over $1000 in sales, which has given me the proof I needed to prove to myself that my work and expertise has value.”

Sara Vogel
Owner, Ladybits and Leadership, Life Coaching and Podcast

“The Launch Your Fempire Academy by Launch Your Fempire is the reason I have a great small business in Kona.  Not only did this fellowship give me the courage and support, but also amazing, continuous, relevant tools to grow in the community with my small business.  I’m so grateful to Aesha and her team for creating their fellowship of women to work with. I’m so happy I made the decision to be an entrepreur with LYF.

Victoria Kristin

Salty Swim School, LLC

“Working with LYF has been a dream.  From my first mixer to the monthly meetings with the Launch Your Fempire Academy, I have learned so much; especially how to set up and manage my Google business site. This is helping me build traffic to my website which is turning to more customers! The networking and the coaching are on par with events I have attended in major cities.”

Kris Adair

Owner, Guardwell Farms


 Aesha The Founder


I created the Launch Your Fempire Academy in the midst of the Global Pandemic of 2020 in response to the collapse of my live-event-based business. I was feeling extremely isolated and I was in a pretty dark place. The way I get through those moments in life is finding a way to be of service to others. . In the midst of the darkness there was a spark of inspiration to find and contribute to a safe space where women could go deep with one another in pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. When I looked…all I found was a lot of fluff out there. Suddenly, I found myself inspired to develop a collaborative space where women would come and receive foundational and actionable tools and techniques to build a business from scratch OR refine the business they already have. I wanted it to be different than what I was seeing. I wanted to go deeper with women into our “Why” and the mindset needed, and the “Work” that needs to be done in our hearts and souls to be businesswomen. Hence the name the Launch Your Fempire Academy.

I want to personally invite you to join us and make the choice to change the course of your life. Women aren’t meant to do business alone. The sisterhood we have cultivated here is like no other!

I absolutely stand for Women’s Freedom.

I believe deeply that when women have freedom…financially and with their time…communities thrive and this ripples out into the greater sphere to have global impact. Join me in this movement of changing yourselves to change the world!